Why Your Organization Should Use Skills Analysis to Develop a Talent Plan, Skills Balance Sheet

Will Owen - Regional Director of Operations ·

Since our company’s founding in the late 70’s, job task analysis has been a cornerstone of our work. It started simple: with a pen capturing details on paper from a series of discussions and interviews with clients. A few things have changed over the years, but EDSI’s commitment to helping underserved populations transition to employment and self-sufficiency is still our number one priority.

Most organizations know that their employees are their most important asset. We agree, and we want to help ensure that you find, hire and keep candidates that are a great fit for not only a particular job vacancy, but for the company culture as well. We work with our client companies to incorporate job-specific assessments, cultural fit appraisals and/or behavioral/natural wiring (personality) reviews to efficiently and effectively evaluate potential candidates.

EDSI has come a long way since the pen and paper days! We’ve developed, tested and used many technology-based tools, including our proprietary Skilldex® system. The ISO certified customized database was built from 38 years of experience in workforce development and customized training – to assess potential or current employees’ skills and determine the education or training needed to secure employment, and once employed, identify whether additional training would help enhance their skills in preparation for more advanced opportunities.

This unique, task-based software measures pre-established competency levels to determine role-specific knowledge, responsibilities and tasks. Over the years, Skilldex® has grown to enable us to create 46 keywords, 530 responsibilities and 7,776 tasks within the system in order to find the best matches and solutions for each client. Of course, we can also define and develop custom-made keywords, responsibilities and tasks, based on your talent needs.

We’ve helped numerous clients determine their talent needs by using the following steps to support the goals of attracting, hiring and retaining quality employees:

As you can see, we have various valuable tools available to help you assess your workforce’s skills, strengths and shortcomings. Working together, we can develop a Skills Balance Sheet – a 360-degree view of the skills, responsibilities and tasks performed by employees – to provide you with the information you need to make better, faster, smarter decisions and build a stronger workforce. From there, we will analyze the data and build a customized plan, including the latest technology, to enhance job functions and longevity.

For optimum success and growth, it’s crucial for companies to think strategically and plan ahead to be ready to meet challenges like unexpected departures from the company. Take, for example, the case of employee retirements. If you’re able to understand your workforce, you can more successfully plan ahead to capture crucial information about a job position that may not be known by anyone but the retiree. By using our planning, survey and analysis tools, you’ll be able to better understand, support and grow your workforce. This isn’t as daunting as it may seem.

Still unsure whether your company needs help? Let’s figure it out together! EDSI has worked with hundreds of organizations around the country who were able to identify areas of needed improvement by first determining their baseline. This enabled them to prepare for workplace staffing changes, identify training needs or improve low morale, which, in the end, contributed to the company’s long-term success and enriched culture.

To start the exploration process or obtain your company baseline, take our talent assessment. The report will provide specific information on on how your company is performing in five critical areas related to talent, including: Assessing, Attracting, Developing, Retaining and Sustaining.